Betting Systems – Don’t Trust Everything You Read

There are many scammers, charlatans, salesmen who claim to be able to make the most of betting systems but then fail to deliver. Internet fraudsters are making millions of pounds each year by scamming desperate and gullible punters using fake systems and promises.

Now it is time to fight back.

Before I get started, let me say that not everyone who sells betting system is in the above group. There are many genuine sellers who sell genuine systems. Some sellers will use all of these tactics.

How can you tell which betting systems work? Let’s examine the sales tactics.

A) The Headline

A headline on almost every sales page that you see will be professionally written to immediately grab your attention and whet the appetite.

The majority of headlines will feature huge profit figures or exceptional strike rates.

Here are some examples from real websites:

Introducing the system to the decade – PS193,870 Profit in 11 Months Using stakes of PS33, PS50, or PS100

– I earn over $12,000 per week by betting on sports. In less than the time it takes for you to eat dinner, YOU, the Average Joe, can learn my Sports Betting System secrets and catapult yourself to untold wins for life!

The problem is that the sellers of betting systems don’t provide any explanations as to how high these stakes are required or give any evidence that they can be achieved.

If they truly believe they can guarantee profits, why do we need to add an earnings disclaimer on nearly every sales page that you visit?

B) Fake Testimonials

Most sales pages will have testimonials from customers who are happy with the system. Again, don’t believe everything that you read. It amazes me how often a “never before seen” system comes on the market, yet it has testimonials from buyers. Is that possible?

You can often see that all of the testimonials contain the same grammar errors and spelling mistakes if you take the time to look closely. It almost seems like they were written by one person.

Cross promotion testimonials can be a powerful tool for system salespeople.

They simply get another seller of betting systems to write positive testimonials for them. In return, the testimonial includes a link to their sales page which promotes their own system.

You really believe they actually care what they write. After all, they get free advertising 원화.

Would you believe me, if you told me that you will find many websites owned by the exact same person with a different name to market each betting system?

This happens more often that you think. It makes sense to cross-promote as described above.

C) False Accounting

False accounting, which is a common tactic used by system sellers, is my opinion the most dishonest. False accounting is one way to do this, but there are many other ways. I will briefly describe some of them below.

1. One common tactic of betting system sellers is to omit losing wagers entirely. Instead, they display a list of recent winners at decent odds.

2. Another way is to show a snapshot of the winning period. This is often a detailed breakdown of results

Over a very brief period of time that includes screenshots from genuine betting accounts Let me tell vous.

Now that every system has a winning period, system sellers make use of this advantage. I have seen websites that still use snapshots many years old. Long term profits are what count, and winning for a short time is meaningless.

3. Too many system sellers fail to mention the stake plan they use alongside their system. How many times has it happened that you purchased a betting system and discovered that you will need a bigger bank to manage it and earn the profit they claim every week?

These are just a few of the tips I have.